PIVOT, an idea management platform, can help you:

  • Capture and prioritize the challenges being faced by your team
  • Crowd source innovative ideas in response to the challenges
  • Prioritize the most valuable ideas and drive them to delivery

Where has PIVOT helped others?

  • On projects during the planning, design and construction stages
  • On collaborative initiatives between organizations who wished to share research and knowledge
  • On challenge and idea campaigns

How does it work?



Members can collaborate on all challenges and ideas.

Priority Driven

Members vote on ideas and challenges. The aggregate of votes is displayed to help efficiently and transparently find the most valuable ideas to deliver.

Outcome Driven

Ideas are reviewed by a Review Group which is able to close ideas or progress them to the next stage of development. This helps ensure resources are spent on only the most valuable ideas.

How much does it cost?

The cost of using PIVOT ranges depending on your requirements but it typically includes an upfront deployment fee and an ongoing monthly fee. To discuss your needs and receive a quote, please contact us.

Getting started

  1. Contact us for a quote
  2. Sign the Software as a Service agreement
  3. Create an Innovation Interchange account
  4. Enter PIVOT and set up your project, filling in the customizable fields. Submit the project and we will publish it
  5. Invite others to join the project
  6. Start innovating!


PIVOT is provided as Software as a Service which enables your team to focus on identifying and implementing the best ideas, while the platform is hosted, maintained and upgraded by the Innovation Interchange. We provide ongoing training and support to your users.

Through our business partners we can also help you develop and implement an innovation strategy which complements the use of PIVOT. This could include offline activities such as workshop facilitation and a plan for delivering ideas.

Compare the features

Innovation Interchange offers a suite of connected platforms. All you need is an Innovation Interchange account and you will be able to access these platforms. Click here to compare the features or find out how PIVOT is connected to other Innovation Interchange platforms.