RoundTable is free to use and can help you:

  • Connect with your team regardless of location or time zone
  • Raise important topics and openly discuss them together
  • Prioritize the topics you would like to concentrate on addressing

Where has RoundTable helped others?

  • On projects to assist with ongoing communication, stakeholder engagement and knowledge management
  • On competitions to assist with effective teamwork and assessment of entries
  • During conferences and campaigns to generate discussion and networking before, during and after the event

How does it work?

  1. Login
  2. Create or select a RoundTable (Terms)
  3. Create a topic to discuss
  4. Collaborate by commenting on topics
  5. Prioritize topics by voting on them
  6. Share RoundTables and topics of interest



Multiple RoundTables can be created, each with their own community. Display your organization’s logo or other relevant image and create your own topic and description of the RoundTable.


Members of a RoundTable can create topics to discuss through commenting. Email notifications of activity ensure members remain connected to the RoundTable.

Priority Driven

Members can vote on topics to draw attention to the highest priority ones.

How much does it cost?

RoundTable is free to use. Register online now!

Getting started

  1. Create an Innovation Interchange account
  2. Enter the RoundTable platform and create your own RoundTable
  3. Invite others to join
  4. Submit a topic
  5. Start talking!


RoundTable is provided as Software as a Service which enables you to focus on your work while the platform is hosted, maintained and upgraded by the Innovation Interchange. We provide ongoing training and support to your users.

Compare the features

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