theZone can help you:

  • Connect and engage your employees, regardless of location or time zone
  • Crowd source challenges and ideas from across your organization
  • Prioritize the best ideas and develop an implementation strategy

Where has theZone helped others?

  • On idea campaigns to solve a challenge faced by the organization
  • With collecting ideas on internal cost cutting initiatives to help streamline business processes
  • Assisted sharing of knowledge and capturing ideas and solutions that benefit a whole organization or can be commercialized for financial gain

How does it work?

  1. Login
  2. Submit challenges
  3. Submit ideas in response to challenges or independently
  4. Prioritize ideas and challenges through collaboration and voting
  5. Review ideas and close or progress them to the next stage of development
  6. Develop an implementation strategy as the idea progresses through development


When setting up theZone for your organization some elements can be customized to suit your purpose including logo display, organization branding, voting criteria and filtering categories.


theZone enables all members of your organization collaborate on all the submitted challenges and ideas.

Priority Driven

Members vote on ideas and challenges. The aggregate of votes is displayed to help efficiently and transparently find the most valuable ideas to deliver.

How much does it cost?

Cost will be determined based on the number of users and level of customization you require for it to integrate into your organisation. Please contact us to discuss your needs and receive a quote.

Getting started

  1. Contact us for a quote
  2. Sign the Software as a Service agreement
  3. Sign up for an Innovation Interchange account or sign in to your existing account
  4. Enter theZone
  5. Start innovating!


theZone is provided as Software as a Service which enables your organization to focus on identifying and implementing the best ideas, while the platform is hosted, maintained and upgraded by the Innovation Interchange. We provide ongoing training and support to your users.

Through our business partners we can also help you develop and implement an innovation strategy which complements theZone and can include activities such as workshop facilitation and culture change initiatives.

Compare the features

Innovation Interchange offers a suite of connected platforms. All you need is an Innovation Interchange account and you will be able to access these platforms. Click here to compare the features or find out how theZone is connected to other Innovation Interchange platforms.