Innovation Interchange provides online platforms that help organizations collaborate on ideas and topics both internally and externally.

RoundTable, PIVOT, theZone and Marketplace are provided as Software as a Service. Most user questions are addressed in our FAQs. However, if requested, Innovation Interchange can assist in:

  • Guided demonstration session(s) of the platforms via WebEx video conferencing
  • Referrals to knowledge partners that can offer additional resources on getting results from your idea gathering campaigns


Through our business partners located around the world, we offer services including:

  • support to organizations establishing their own innovation programs
  • assessment of new technology from both a technical and commercial viewpoint
  • assistance to organizations who wish to commercialize their services and products
  • advice relating to your Intellectual Property strategy
  • facilitation of offline ideation/opportunity generation workshops
  • design, build, host and support of web sites and online communities


If you would like to find out more about our innovation services, please contact us.